Monday, June 2, 2014

Top 10 Fat Burning Exercises for Men and Women Revealed

Eradicating unwanted fat may not seem so easy simply because it involves a lot of proper exercises and avoidance of ever-tempting foods. You can achieve the best body configuration you have always wanted by following the top 10 practices you can employ to burn fats more effectively.

We consider these routines as the top workout plans because they suffice both for men and for women. In making this guide, we carefully researched on the weight reduction techniques that have the best reviews. We guarantee our readers that these workouts will result to a better you.

Back to Basics: The Preparatory Phase

Losing weight for beginners does not immediately begin at extensive physical exercises at the gym. There is still this preparatory phase needed to prepare your muscles for the more stressful prodding. As time goes by, you will notice that your drills will be more intense in accordance to the capacity of your muscles. For the meantime, here are some basic must-do stuffs to jump start your weight reduction and body toning ventures.

Mind Set – You can count on no one but yourself in this endeavor. Learn to motivate yourself that you need to improve your body. Stick to your goals and keep in mind that you have to wait for a couple of weeks before you see the fruit of your labor. Some people like to have a gym buddy to whom they can share their goals with.

Nothing After Nine – There is a saying that goes like “breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a beggar”. See to it that you eat your dinner always before nine because your body is probably still a couple of minutes ahead of hibernation. And drink a glass of water before bedtime.

Abstinence – We highly discourage you to starve yourself. If you can say no to carbs, the better. Try to resist the temptation of indulging on unnecessary treats such as sweets and chocolates if you really are true to your goals. Health experts also suggest that you drink at least a glass of water before each meal so that you can trick your brain into thinking that your stomach is already full.

Power Walk – Sometimes, it is better to take the stairs than to stand comfortably on escalators or elevators. They say that walking is the best exercise because it works the body holistically. However, you should remember that you are in for physical fitness and not for a walk in the park. You have to walk briskly and feel the sweat in your body.

Closing in to a More Beautiful Body

We will divide this guide into two parts. The first part will be composed of five things you should do to power up your training at the gym. The latter part, which has examples six to ten, is the daily routines proven to burn calories efficiently. Incorporate these steps in your drills and experience a faster makeover in your body.

1. Interval Training – Our bodies have their own way of adapting to stress levels. In losing weight, never stick to a steady pace or the fitness program given to you by your instructor. Be creative. Alter the intensity of your workout (by doing more repetitions or increasing the weight) so that your body will not be adjusted to your typical exercises. In this way, you will burn more calories.

2. Spot Reduction – Breaking news: the notion that spot reduction is a myth has already been dispelled by the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. Continuously work a certain part of your body such as your thigh and follow it immediately with cardio workout for 30 minutes. Scientific studies divulged that the fat cells surrounding that certain body part you just worked out will release into the bloodstream more amounts of its fats which will be later on used up as body fuel.

3. Hybridization – Combine your resistance exercises such as bench presses, triceps extensions and cable rows with movements that require body weight such as push ups, dips and pull-ups respectively. Throwing in body weight motions will increase cardiovascular strength, endurance and fat loss.

4. Toned-up Treadmill – Probably the best artificial workout for legs, you can still boost your treadmill experience by holding at least a five-pound dumbbell while setting the treadmill speed to brisk walking. Make it a good fitness procedure for arms by grabbing a set of weights as you trod on the mill. Do a couple of drills with weights such as biceps curls, side laterals and shoulder presses while you are walking.

5. Powered-up Runs – Ever thought about fortifying your glutes, quads and hamstrings? Add some wall sits after each lap and see how your endurance and speed improve. This exercise will also boost your cardiovascular system while maintaining a good blow flow all over your body.

6. Jumping Rope Challenge – Carrying a jumping rope will come handy in weight reduction. You can perform this exercise even at home. Do a couple of double-turn maneuvers and we guarantee that you will burn 26 calories every minute. How to do it? Perform basic jumps for five minutes then intensify your weight training by jumping twice as high and turning the rope faster. By practicing the timing, you can try to pass the rope twice under your feet before you land to ensure more extensive workout.

7. Crunches at their Best – Probably considered to be the best stomach prodding, crunches can give you the buns of steel you always craved for. Studies show that when you sustain the contraction of your abs while lowering your upper body away from your feet during this exercise, you will double the benefits. Simply put it, more contracted crunches will produce abs faster.

8. Squat-thrust-push-up – Push ups have always been a usual practice in the gym but when coupled with squat thrusts, you will get stronger chest, triceps, shoulders and core muscles while improving your endurance, agility and strength. Do some tricks such as crossing your legs if you want faster conversion of fats to muscles.

9. Leg Raise – Try this fitness practice if you want to trim your belly. You can practice it both in gym and in home. Before you retire at night, press back against your bed and raise your legs until it meets your chest. Do a couple of repetition before bedtime to help you burn the calories from your latest dinner.

10. Bicycle – People who aim for six pack abs, and stronger obliques and hips usually resort to bicycle. Get into a supine stance, put your hands at the back of your head and bring your knees to your chest as you raise your shoulders off the floor. For best results, bring your elbow to the knee of opposite legs while straightening out the other leg. Continue pedaling for 12 to 16 repetitions and feel the sweat licking your skin.

To Top it Off

If you want to fuel up your exercise without taking in pills, you can drink green tea before your training because it is known to burn calories effectively. You can also try resorting to weight reduction foods such as the spicy ones because they are much safer than the commercially available diet pills.

Some of these workout drills might be new to you but in this information technology era, that will not be a problem. You can watch videos online so that you will be accurately instructed on how to perform these fitness practices. Incorporate one step with another, ensure proper diet and you will never go wrong with these top ten fat reduction routines especially compiled for you.


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